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DWS Jewellery is a wholesale jewelry manufacturer from India. Our silver factory makes rings, earrings, bangles, cuff bracelets, necklaces, etc at a low rate.

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What Is Your Favorite Jewelry Piece, Ring, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets Or Bangles?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on October 2, 2022 in Business

It has to be bracelets! Yes, there is no doubt each and every jewelry accessory has its own charm and beauty but there is something to the bracelet which separates….

What Is The Difference Between Necklace And Pendant?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on October 1, 2022 in Business

The word “pendant” comes from the Latin and Old French languages both referring to the same meaning “to hang down”. They are considered one of the first in the history….

Were Finger Rings “jewelry” Originally For Scrolls As Seals?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 29, 2022 in Business

For thousands of years, men have influences on the terms of donning a wearable form of identification and communication which is known as a signet ring. Believe or not, today,….

What Type Of Earrings, Jewelry, And Accessories Would Look Good With This Dress?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 28, 2022 in Business

Wearing jewelry accessories completely depends upon the type of dress you wear and most importantly how you look and your skin color. If anything is mismatched then it might not….

What Are The Best Online Jewelry Shopping Sites In India?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 27, 2022 in Business

Hello, There are so many best online jewelry shopping sites in India. Jewelry manufacturing is challenging when it comes to Gold jewelry manufacturing. It requires a lot of patience, and….

What Does Ss Mean? Is Sterling Silver 925 Worth?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 24, 2022 in Business

SS is used as an abbreviation multiple times. In jewelry, SS refers to the concept of Stainless Steel. Sterling silver is also an abbreviation of SS, and it is a….

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelry?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 24, 2022 in Business

Silver is a valuable metal that has gained more popularity in recent years. People before the discovery of other valuable metals preferred this metal as their choice of jewelry. The….

What Is The Purpose Of Jewellery?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 22, 2022 in Business

Most people buy jewels not just for their design but also as an investment. Gold has always been a valuable asset that can be replaced for money during times of….

Can Christians Wear Silver Jewelry?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 21, 2022 in Business

Women all over the world have always had a personal love for jewelry. Even the poorest women will have their own set of jewelry to cover up their ears and….

What Does 926 Mean On Silver?
Submitted by Dws Jewellery on September 20, 2022 in Business

Silver is a precious metal. People consider it a cheap product because of its low price when compared to Gold. People who think about purchasing jewelry for a low price….